We are Stronger Together

Those in D.C. and Des Moines may try to divide us but we're in this together.
Let's strengthen our communities and build a better future for Eastern Iowa!

On The Issues


Fully Fund Public Schools

Our schools can again be the best in the nation. Ryan will work to increase school funding, decrease class sizes and restore the collective bargaining rights for our teachers.


Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Necessary healthcare should not drive families into bankruptcy. Seniors should never have to decide between their groceries or their medication. Covid-19 has brought a focus on areas where our healthcare system can do better. Ryan supports the Biden/Harris plan for a universal public option to ensure nobody goes without needed care.


A Living Wage and Fair Taxation

Working 40 hours a week should be enough to provide a living wage. Taxation should be progressive and fair. Ryan will fight for fair tax policy and a for making the minimum wage a living wage.

Meet Ryan

Ryan first came to Dubuque county in 1999 and fell in love with the area. A software engineer and online community manager by trade, Ryan lives in Dyersville with his wife Laurie and their three children.

Ryan is running because the lawmakers in Des Moines have neglected our schools and the working families that truly make Iowa great for too long. We need to ensure every Iowan can earn a living wage and is taxed fairly. We need to protect our family farms and make sure that nobody has to decide between buying groceries or their necessary medications.

Together, we can create a better future for Eastern Iowa.